farmer's market


“But, what can I do???”

I hear it all the time…every time the Big Food bitch session begins, it always ends with, “But what can I do?”. This always fades into silence and head-hanging and nothing ever changes.

The truth is, we created Monsanto. Our complete disconnect between us and where our food comes from has created this monster  I like to call Big Food. We no longer know where (or how!) our meat was raised. Who grew our vegetables and what was sprayed on them to keep them from going bad before they arrived at our grocery store. What our hot pockets are even made of.

We wanted it fast, and easy and to “taste good”, and that was all. So, that’s what they gave us! Plastic, prefabricated “food” with no nutritional value, raised on factory farms in deplorable conditions, frozen, powdered, flaked, pressed, formed into unrecognizable shapes, colored and flavored with chemicals to resemble an actual food item our children may have read about in a book, once.

America invented Big Food through our complacency, and it is the legacy we leave to our children.

So, again, we ask, What can I do?! 

When you realize that you, personally have a responsibility for helping create Big Food, it can be terrifying and unpleasant to look directly at. But, it is also the key to recognizing you have an opportunity, nee, the ONLY opportunity to take those bastards down.

Occupy This and Boycott That are concepts that are accomplishing exactly nothing. Signs and marches and torches and pitchforks are manifesting zero change. However, you possess the tools to take down this monster right in your handbag or billfold. It is called Buying Power.

You want to make a difference in the way food is grown, raised, processed and manufactured in this country? Then hit Big Food where it lives. In the wallet.

Make different choices in what you are buying! You hold the power right in your grocery buying hands. There is no secret conspiracy to Take Down Monsanto. Just stop buying their crap! They do what they do because we pay them to. If we stop giving them our money, they will stop manipulating food into plastic.

Now, granted, this can be easier said than done, with Big Food controlling so many of the brands available in stores, today. But you can begin to change the way you think about food, and where it comes from.

Maybe radicalizing your entire food process is a bit much for you to imagine. So don’t “bite off more than you can chew”. But as you begin to think differently about your food, find one thing you can do differently, than you have been. Buy ingredients for a meal from a local purveyor at a Farmer’s Market. Take your lunch to work. Grow a little pot of fresh lettuce from heirloom seeds on the back porch this Spring. Little changes can make a big difference.

I challenge you to do one thing different. Take one purchase out of the hands of Big Food. Support a local food crafter. Grow something of your own. Make a difference. Join the revolution and stick a fork in Big Food.



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