Stick-It-To-Monsanto Monday

Greetings all and sundry! It is, once again, Stick-It-To-Monsanto Monday!!!

Today’s helpful hint for taking down Big Food (and also Big Medicine, an equally insidious lie!) is regarding allergies. Specifically, pollen and local plant allergies.

This time of year can wreak havoc on the allergy-sufferers. Things coming back into leaf and flower for the first time in the season brings myriad miseries to many. However, there is an ancient remedy, and treatment program that can help!

Honey. Pure, raw, local honey. Bees pollinate the local flora, and thereby process the pollen from each plant. In eating the honey, we take in small doses of the allergens and begin to block our histamine response to them. It is like an inoculation against the full-blown allergy response we have when we are exposed to these pollens when the plant blooms.

A teaspoon a day of local honey, produced within 100 miles (50 is better) of your home can protect the body against the massive response when the plants really get busy, this Spring. I recommend eating local honey from the season before, all Winter long, for best results. If you haven’t been, then get some right away and do your own experiment.

Local raw honey can be obtained at your local health food store or grocery, and often from Farmer’s Markets.

Do you know your local health food store? Best way to kick Monsanto and Big Food to the curb is by shopping with these locally-owned purveyors (NOT the local Whole Foods chain). Shop with them as often as possible, and replace as many of your regular purchases as you can shopping in these locations. Many of them offer bulk products, which also allows the consumer to avoid the excessive packaging everything seems to come in, these days. A blow to big food, and a blow to waste in the landfill. It also allows customers to buy a small amount of something, rather than a predetermined size. If your budget allows for only $1 to spend on a single item, you have the option to buy $1 worth of a bulk product.

Don’t allow people to con you into thinking that eating healthy foods because you can’t afford them. You can buy as much of a bulk product as you wish, at a time. Eating healthy foods can be cheaper in the long run, because you only buy what you need. And if you didn’t like it or it didn’t work for you, you aren’t stuck with a bunch of waste.

Also, when you buy whole bean coffee in a paper bag, save it, refill it, use it again! Store foods in jars- mason jars, like your Grandparents (or, probably now, Great Grandparents) did. They make spectacular storage containers, are super easy to clean and are clear, so you know what you have at a glance. They also come in sizes ranging from a few ounces to a half gallon. They can be boiled, microwaved, washed (in the dishwasher, even!) and eaten straight from.

I bring a host of them with me when I shop at my local health food store’s bulk section, and refill them again and again with local honey, flours, nuts, dried fruits, etc. It doesn’t take much more work, just a bit of planning. And, if I forget to bring a container with me, there are bags, bottles and jars provided at no- or low-cost.

So, this Monday, think on the option of local honey for easing allergies, and on shopping at a small, local businesses featuring whole, fresh foods, and stick it to Monsanto, every chance you get!!!


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