The Tail End of the Jam…

or, another year of Hand crafting begins anew!

last of Mel's raspberry freezer jam

last of Mel’s raspberry freezer jam

As the stores of the previous year come to their end, it is time to begin looking ahead to the new year of Handcrafting! I am taking this time, before the first seed is planted to outline my goals for this year’s Creations.

  • greenhouse and raised bed gardening, growing 90% of our fresh fruits and veg, including various forms of tomatoes, onions, broccoli, peas, summer squash, salad crops and spinach
  • canning, pickling, drying and preserving our own grown food as well as produce from local farms and orchards, including stewed tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, dill sandwich pickles, saurkraut, dried cherries and plums, canned peaches and various jams and jellies
  • starting a new flock of laying chickens
  • obtaining a local source of beeswax and honey
  • obtaining a local source of milk for my dairy projects
  • eliminating reliance on any boxed food in 2014
  • replacing all store-bought laundry products with natural alternatives, as well as replacing all household cleaners, except bleach. (I will cling to my bleach well beyond the Zombie Apocalypse)
  • To become proficient in cheesemaking and reduce our reliance on Tillamook medium cheddar.
  • And, of course, to Stick-It-To-Monsanto and BigFood, wherever possible, spreading the Word of Real Food on any budget.

My ambitions are great this year. And I have a plan for each aspect of improvement. It is such an exciting time, as the Earth awakens from her Winter slumber. I intend to take full advantage of the abundant energy of Renewal in the air to motivate and connect me to my purpose of returning to Nature for my food and products.

What will you be handcrafting this year???



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