Witchy Wednesday

Spring altar

Spring altar

‘Twas the day before Ostara (the First Day of Spring) and all through the house, Spring was springing!

…I have been giving the days of the blog a lot of thought…

On Mondays I bash Monsanto, and on Thursdays, I give Thanks. But Wednesdays have yet to be designated with a topic, so I have decided to come all the way out of the Broom Closet, and make Wednesdays Witchy.

I have been a mindfully practicing Pagan witch since 2004. That is to say, a card-carrying, spell-casting witch. I make no apologies, and attempt to convert none. My philosophy holds that the only true sin is evangelism, so I am not looking for “followers”. I am just making my position clear.

To fellow pagans, I wish you welcome! To members of the Big 4 Religions, I also bid you welcome, and beg you have an open mind. To those who would immediately feel compelled to kill me with sticks, I invite you to take advantage of the exit in your right upper corner; it is a red box with a little white X. Please use it before you feel the need to “save” me or re-educate me. I’m fine. No worries.

With that out of the way, I rejoice in the advent of Spring, which begins tomorrow (or today, for those in time zones which have already reached Thursday)! The first day of Spring is a glorious time during which much begins, changes and is reborn. The Earth is waking from her (Northern hemisphere) slumber, and all life is renewing itself.

I always feel the huge upswing in creative energy this time of year, and often tend to react in similar ways. Spring Cleaning and organizing is always top of mind. I also feel deeply connected to the flow of the energy of Creation, and am compelled to till soil, plant seeds and begin new projects.

This year is even more amazing because of the offer of a greenhouse in which to start and grow various vegetables, which I have not had before. My climate can be a bit dodgy on warmth for many months of Spring and Summer, and it tends to rain an awful lot, so having a warm, bright pace to begin crops is such a wonderful blessing.

Also, having become engrossed with the need to handcraft, this is a perfect time of year to plan and execute many types of new handcrafting projects. I am thrilled with the new household cleaners I have discovered I can make, and it is making Spring Cleaning much more of a joy than in previous years. I am so happy I can do my cleaning without the harsh fumes of poison gas burning my eyes and throat as I scrub. Lavender, orange oil, vinegar, baking soda and castile are mild on me and still pretty tough on my filth, so it is win-win!

Once my cleaning is done, I will set about blessing my home to receive the abundant, fertile blessings of the Season. Many of the traditional rituals of the season have survived from their pagan roots to modern times, and we still celebrate them, today, even though many may not even realize they are doing so. Images of rabbits and colored eggs (signs of fertility from time immemorial), the customary cleaning of all the cobwebs of Winter, and planting the seeds of new life are all traditional forms of ushering in this glorious Season of Creation.

I encourage everyone, regardless of their spiritual persuasion to identify the areas in your own life which are begging for renewal, and to apply themselves to making wonderful, positive changes in their own lives, during this season when the energy flows this way, naturally. It can be much harder to make these types of changes during the time of Dying Back, or the Fall. Summer is too busy with work, Winter is too lazy with cold weather and mashed potatoes and gravy. So, Spring is our chance.

Get out there and grab it up with both hands!

Happy First day of Spring, Ostara, or whatever you call it at your house!!!


2 thoughts on “Witchy Wednesday

  1. ‘Spring is coming to the land,
    The days grow longer,
    Warm breezes begin to stir.
    All around us we see signs –
    The growing things are beginning anew.’
    (by Aurora.)

    May your spring equinox celebrations bring you joy and reward.


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