Thankful Thursday~

My Circle Pattern slouchy crocheted sweater is finished! I have been working on it for about 10 days.

I made it from Drops design 99-3 . It was just the sort of thing I was looking for, for a bunch of white cotton yarn, with silver thread, I have been collecting. It was really expensive off the rack, and despite it being a holiday yarn, they never put it on sale. So, a skein at a time, I used 40% and 50% off coupons, until I had enough to attempt a garment of this size.

Then, about a week ago, I discovered this pattern and decided to give it a try. I loved the picture of the sweater on the design page, but the whole pattern was in Norwegian. Fortunately, they were kind enough, on their website, to translate it into a staggeringly huge list of other languages, so I thanked the brave translators and began.

the first attempt

the first attempt

I got well in to it, before I realized that the way I was going about it was not right. I felt the circle should lay flatter, and not be so frothy. So, I pulled it all out, and began again.

I began modifying the pattern to lay flat, which meant a subtle increase, with each row, rather than a larger one, as indicated.

Then it was time to create sleeve openings. I had been making the pattern for the XL sweater, because in the US, I am a large, at least, and I like a slouchy sweater slouchy. When I added the sleeve holes at the indicated distance apart, they could have fit my husband. They could have fit Chris Hemsworth. As I didn’t realize this, or stop to try it on, I ended up with about 5 rows on, and had to pull them out.

It is in moments like this, I recognize that I am not the quitter I once fancied myself to be…

So, I re-engineered the pattern to accommodate the actual width of my shoulders (I moved them 4 sets of repeating pattern closer together), and this coincided with just smaller than their size small. Then, I followed the pattern the rest of the rounds over the sleeve holes and ended up with this:

the back

the back

please attempt to disregard the deplorable state of my bathroom :/ .

Then I began adding the sleeves, which are added to the armholes and worked down to the wrists.

the sleeves

the sleeves

…and it’s finished look was this:

the front

the front

and this:

the back

the back

Overall, I am a little bummed it turned out to be such a big circle. It is going to make fastening the front kind of a mess. It is meant to have 2 buttons. I tied it with a string in the pic to give the general idea of it being fastened. But now, I am thinking of leaving it open in the front. Maybe it should just be drapey.

Any road, I am thankful it is finished, and I know what I want to change about the pattern to give me a better fit, for next time. Also, to know what measurements have to be taken to fit it to the body shapes of anyone I might want to make it for. I am already to fitting the sleeve holes on a second one, in black!

Hooray for a finished project, and grateful for inspiration to try again!

What are you thankful for?


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