Laundry Soap: Update

regular strength and double strngth

regular strength and double strength

Yesterday, I made laundry soap, and diluted it into 2 different strengths.  The blog post is here: Frugal Friday Revisited .I used both types and determined that the more diluted version needed about 1/3 of a cup. The more concentrated is going to be perfect in the pump bottle I am saving from the last of the name brand detergent (more like about 2 tbsp.).

Both loads were cleaned really well. I did some especially dirty laundry to test its efficiency, and I was pleased with the results.

I also used the epsom salts fabric softener, and was equally pleased with the results on everyday clothes. For sheets and towels, however, I will be devising a new plan. I may add some baking soda to the rinse and see if that doesn’t make the difference I need. I am keen on Downy softness, I am just tired of the chemicals.

Will have additional reports on the fabric softener experiments in future installments.

Happy Handcrafting!


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