Today we Stick-It-To-Monsanto, BigMedicine, The Diet Industry…

…and everybody else who benefits, financially, by our feeling bad about ourselves.

There are entire billion-dollar industries built upon our not loving ourselves. We will join any group, drink any shake, attend any class, buy any make-up, et al, to make ourselves feel a little better about ourselves.

Today I offer a radical alternative. So radical it is FREE. You can do it anywhere, and feel immediate benefits. You can do it a hundred times a day, and it will never cost you any more. Wanna know how?

Clear your throat. Take a deep breath, and say “I am proud of my body”.

That’s it. Say, “I am proud of my body“.

Now, sure, many of you will roll your eyes so far into the backs of your heads you will literally see your own brains (say, hi!I’m proud of you, too, brain!). Many will be overwhelmed with actual physical pain when your brain tries to process this entirely new and alien information. There are those who are sick or broken who will be angry with the idea of being proud of a body which is less than ideal. Emotions are meant to swirl when revolutionary ideas are offered.

Being proud of our bodies is a revolution. It flies in the face of all advertising and media which wants to help us continue to hate our bodies and be ashamed of the shape they are in. Health and happiness does not come from self-loathing. It comes from self-love. Eating well, exercising, meditation or prayer, these things come from a love of ourselves. Peace comes from self love and care.

Sending our bodies the message that we are proud of them releases a whole different opportunity for self love. And really, no matter how hard a time of it you have had, in your body, it’s yours. It is your oldest home. Your own true place. You are born with it and you will die with it. It has been through a lot with you, and deserves your respect.

So, today, I offer, Handcrafted Self Esteem. Say, today, I am proud of my body. Say it a few times. Make saying it, even if you don’t mean it, a habit. Associate seeing yourself in the mirror with the experience of sending positive messages to your body. Allow yourself to be proud. Start a revolution. And if you have a child, or a grandchild, do something radical and let them know you are proud of your body. Encourage them to be proud of their bodies, too. Fostering respect in ourselves from an early age is fundamental to being self-sufficient, productive adults.

It’s free. It’s based on both science (like attracts like) and spirituality (karma, sowing and reaping, “as a man thinketh, so is he”). It gives you a chance to stick it to Big Industry, because you don’t need their false hope. You don’t need their Big Lie.

I am proud of my body, today. I hope you are, too.


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