Groceries from “Garbage”

…or Magical Manifestations!

Today’s magical tip is for handcrafting fresh, new food from old food bits. Specifically, regrowing green onions.

This is the easiest kitchen-grown project, ever, and will supply fresh onions for as long as you keep them in water. Just snip what you need, and leave the root bases in the cup or jar. Here’s how it’s done~

4 days ago, I bought a small bunch of green onions at the grocery store. I paid more, and got organic, because I knew these were going to become a semi-permanent fixture in my kitchen window. I cut off the green parts of all the onions and placed the bottoms, with roots, in a cup of water. (somehow I have lost that picture)

2 days later, it looked like this:

2 days growth

2 days growth

It is important to change the water when it gets murky, as the onions are growing in it.

this morning, it looked like this, Voila~ready for use!

4 days growth

4 days growth



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