Stick-It-To-Monsanto Monday Food For Thought

This past week I was at a dinner with the fancy people. I wore my handmade sweater, and there was much oohing and ahhhing. People don’t see handmade garments very often. Especially people with the means to pay $100 or more to own one without having to hook a stitch.

But this basic idea also translates into the BigFood conundrum. “Isn’t it easier just to buy it?”.

Quick answer, yes. Absolutely. In fact, Monsanto and BigFood are counting on America having this attitude about all things food. And, apparently, we are obliging them.

The woman I quoted is person I respect and wouldn’t refer to as “one of the Plastic People”. She was asking me about handcrafted yogurt, and what went in to making it. When I was finished explaining it, she just looked completely perplexed and asked me, “But, isn’t it easier just to buy it?”.

She is a busy person. Someone who works a lot and volunteers a lot and barely has time to eat, much less make yogurt from scratch. She represents a lot of people, who would like to be conscientious, but don’t feel they have the time to be involved in their connection between what they eat and where it comes from.

But I wonder…since eating fast, processed, plastic food is going to result in health problems, how long is a major illness going to take to cope with? Doctor visits, prescription medication regimens, feeling ill, and, ultimately, a directive to eat better, coming from the doctor.

There are also folks who feel healthy whole food is very expensive. But, isn’t major medical care expensive? Diabetes, cancer, various sugar-related disorders…all kind of expensive to cope with. Not to mention painful, destructive and productivity-crushing.

Pay the grocer or pay the doctor. Make the food, or buy the medicine. These are choices we all share in our daily quest to nourish and fuel our bodies. What I am saying has been well documented for decades, so I am not going to spend time here outlining all the evidence of it. Feel free to google all that and see if you find that health comes from whole foods. I’m not a preacher, or even an evangelist. I am merely documenting my own experience, and the experiences I observe among folks I know.

When you make your food choices, today, here is a healthy portion of Food For Thought, on the side. The goal of Big Food and Big Medicine is to keep you sick. Their goal is profit. What is your goal?

Happy Handcrafting, my delicious blueberries!


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