A “Gateway Cheese”

After tasting my first little cheese, I am hooked on cheesemaking!

Ian Treuer, of Much To Do About Cheese coined the phrase (in my vocab, anyway) and nothing could be more true. One bite of that delicious, handcrafted cheese, and I knew it was gonna be on like Donkey Kong.

I am already dreaming about variations, flavors, colors, rinds… I want to buy molds and make a press. I am beyond obsessed about making new and amazing cheeses. Plus, I really liked the original, which I have finally figured out how to make, reliably.

That little gateway cheese won my heart after only 5 short weeks in the making. And I know that additional ripening time would make for an even more pleasing product (we like ’em a little sharp at my house).

Tonight I inoculate another gallon of milk with my own handcrafted yogurt, and begin another odyssey into the glorious and ancient and magical world of making my own cheese. The round I press tomorrow won’t be ready until almost MayDay, but it will make for a delicious addition to the Beltane festivities.

Excited, confident, inspired, I go forth, past the Gateway and into the realm of Cheese, made by hand. This is how I stick it to Monsanto, this week.

Go forth and be Awesome, America (and elsewhere)!



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