Handcrafted Deodorant Stick

Recently I have started reading all the labels on all the products I bring in to the house. Not just the food.

The scariest-sounding one was my deodorant! WTH is some of that stuff I am daily smearing on my armpits?

I made up my mind not to buy any more commercial deodorant, right then and there. So, when I went out to find a natural solution, I realized that the available products are ridiculously expensive.

I began to do some research, and found a number of recipes for all-natural, non-toxic deodorants that could be made in the kitchen.  I began my experiment using the one at this website: organic deodorant

I had every intention of scenting the finished product with lavender (my personal favorite scent) and adding tea tree oil for antibacterial properties. The product smelled so coconutty and good, I left them both out!

deodorant ingredients

deodorant ingredients

I started with

  • just under 1/2 a cup of coconut oil, in its solid state at room temperature
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 1/4 cup corn starch


I placed all the ingredients in a smallish bowl and used a fork to blend them to solid form. The product was not solid enough to suit me, I added probably another scant 1/8 of a cup of corn starch to stabilize the mixture. It was solid, but the coconut oil becomes softer when worked. I also found that kneading it together like a dough was very effective for mixing, but go easy, hands are warm.

I used an empty, clean deodorant container. I wound the base all the way up and out to clean, then twisted it all the way back down to the very bottom again to fill.

empty container, ready for filling

empty container, ready for filling

wind base back down to bottom for filling

wind base back down to bottom for filling

When the mixture was most of the way solid, I smooshed it into the container, and pressed all the air out.

There was a bit left over, so I jarred and labeled it.

always label!

always label!

When I was finished, I found the mixture to still be a bit loose. So, I popped it in the fridge and let it chill for an hour.  When tested, it went on smoothly and was almost invisible. It went on sort of like regular deodorant, but finished up velvety powdery. Very cool.

goes on nicely when chilled.

goes on nicely when chilled.

I am so excited to be using coconut oil for such useful things, and more so for having found it for a price I can afford. My local whole food grocer carries it in a warmer, so I can buy it bulk, and keep a fresh supply all the time. It came to me as a liquid, but once I jarred it and set it aside at room temperature, it solidified.

This deodorant is more effective than a clinical strength product, and is entirely natural, and non-toxic.

ready to use, or store

ready to use, or store

I am going to store mine in the fridge. It is most stable chilled, and walking to the fridge to use my deodorant is not “too much trouble” for me. Heck, when it takes 5 weeks to make cheese, I can learn to be patient enough and willing enough to walk a few more steps to finish my morning ablutions!


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