Handcrafted Broccoli Soup

…in under 20 minutes.

This is my absolute favorite “recipe” for soup. Loaded with vitamins and other good stuff, and none of the goodness is lost in the cooking. If you can boil water, and operate a blender, you can make this delicious, nutritious soup.


  • broccoli crowns, cut into big chunks, nothing fancy
  • grated carrots
  • green onions
  • garlic
  • veg broth, chicken stock, milk or cream (optional)
  • salt and pepper to taste
broccoli soup mix

broccoli soup mix

place all the veg in a saucepan with about 2 inches of water. Put a tight lid on it, and turn it on high. Keep an eye on the pot, because if you boil it dry, you will hate yourself.

Cook until the broccoli stems are soft-ish, but not overcooked.

Put everything from the saucepan, including the water, into the blender. Begin to pulse, and determine if you need more liquid. I almost always do. Mind the lid of the blender and don’t fill it too full. Hot liquids like to explode from blender tops. Add the stock,milk or cream and continue to pulse until the mixture is smooth and the consistency is as thick or thin as you like it.  Add liquid slowly. You can always add more, but you can’t un-add. Savvy?



That’s it. Your soup is ready to season, and eat. Garnish with cheddar cheese if you like. You can also add a handful (of whatever size you like) into the blender while pureeing for Broccoli Cheddar soup.

Boom! Healthy, delicious meals done! I take it for lunch, but with some nice crusty bread, a nice fresh salad, and you have a simple dinner in under half an hour.


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