Handcrafted Happiness

Sometimes, just getting out there, and doing something awesome for someone else is the best way to handcraft some happiness!

Take, for example, last night. It was Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday and in celebration, World Book Night USA provided Givers across the US and the World over 500, 000 books to give away, free of charge, to folks who might not otherwise have access to new books and the opportunity to read.

I was a registered Giver, and also orchestrated being a sponsor shop, through the bookshop I work at. My boss came out to help give books away, as did Givers from other local bookshops, as well. The library, who also was a sponsor, graciously offered us space in their lobby for the evening to give our books away. It was a splendid occasion to be a Giver, because the Library was also putting on their annual Family Night At The Library, in conjunction with Lincoln City’s Community Days, so loads of extra folks were on hand, some who frequent the library, and many who do not.

My group gave away almost 100 books, and brought happy to so many people But nobody more so than this little cutie who didn’t have her book more than 5 seconds before this happened:

another satisfied customer, on World Book Night  #wbn2014

another satisfied customer, on World Book Night

There is so much joy to experience when you take time to do something for someone else. Money might “make the world go round” but happiness is absolutely FREE!


2 thoughts on “Handcrafted Happiness

  1. Love World Book Night! I’ve just posted about it, too. I tried to decipher which book the girl in your picture is reading because I always pick out a children’s book to share. This year I gave out BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA and last year was MY ANTONIA. Sounds like you had a fun night.

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