Coconut oil and your plumbing…

A cautionary tale about using coconut oil as liberally as I do.

For many weeks, now, I have been using coconut oil for almost every single application imaginable, and I have fallen more in love with it every day.

However, there is a note of caution I feel compelled to pass along: Coconut oil can and will block your pipes if not used very carefully.

Coconut oil’s very nature keeps it solid at under 76 degrees, and a liquid, above. This makes it the ideal moisturizer to slather on after a shower, but before towel-drying. Using it in the shower should be safe enough, as the water you are showering with will generally be hotter than 76 degrees.

However, if you are using it to brush your teeth with, as I have, you must remember to rinse the brush and all “spitting” with hot water, to prevent it from clogging the drains. I have already had this experience and the accompanying awkward conversation with my husband, the drain unclogger.

Since I realized it, I have been mindful to keep rinse water hotter than normal, and to let it run longer than usual. I have experienced no further problems.

This does not make coconut oil a bad bet for everyone with indoor plumbing, but is something very important to keep in mind.

I try to keep this blog as real as I can, and it feels important that I pass this message along as I tout the benefits of coconut oil for every possible use.


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