Waters, Waters, Everywhere!

…and every drop is delicious to drink!!!

We all already know we need to make sure we drink plenty of water, but also that it can be a bit boring. We’ve been having the conversation over on the facebook page  and have come up with some pretty great ideas for some flavored waters.

The idea, or “recipe” if you will, for all the Flavored Waters is the same. Place a handful of the flavor (could be anything! depends on what you want it to taste like) into a pitcher or mason jar and cover it with pure water. Place in the fridge overnight. Strain, and drink.

The first one I made is nothing but spearmint and filtered water.

spearmint flavored water

spearmint flavored water

I also grow peppermint and orange bergamot mint, and look forward to using them all in flavored waters. But there are a million mind-blowingly awesome ideas!

orange bergamot mint

orange bergamot mint



Growing your own herbs and veggies and fruit to add lets you know the items are fresh and entirely wholesome. Take that, BigFood!

My friend Babs contributed her favorites: lemon balm and cucumber, strawberries, watermelon and oranges. Imagination+minty herb+ fruit/veggies= yummy flavored waters!”

Friend Tara, of Hello Granola offers: It’s so fun! Berries, oranges, lemons, basil, cucumber…on and on…”

Friend Teena says,we do this daily! I love it! Lemons, mint and cucumbers are my favorite. I also love strawberries with oranges and basil. It also helps me drink more water!”

Each item and combination offers its own health benefits. Not only are we staying hydrated, we can also stave off headaches, fatigues, icky tummies and stress with our creative possibilities.

So let’s harvest some awesomeness and cover it in water.

Bottom’s up!!!


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