Mamma Mathilda and her peeps

Mamma Mathilda and her peeps

I am a pioneer Girl, living in a modern world.

~After posting a few times, it occurs to me, I should provide a glossary of terms I tend to use that I have taken considerable liberties with their meanings.

  • For example, when I say Zombie Apocalypse, this encompasses any catastrophic breakdown in basic systems, including tsunami, All-Out Class War, Power grid failure, global economic collapse, etc.
  • When I say Monsanto it means the evil, insipid corporation hell bent on world domination through unsustainable food (and killing us all, for some reason), but I also mean all of Big Food, and the FDA and everyone else who financially benefits while consumers slowly die from ignorance and laziness.

I tend to generalize and not be able to be bothered with explaining all these ‘fancies’ each time I write them. So, bear with me, Occasional Reader. I beg your pardon, in advance.


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