At 6 weeks:

Some observations after 6 weeks of handcrafting~
*I have spent less on my groceries than I did before I began, so the money-saving aspect is very real.

*I have much more energy and stamina than I had before, so the health aspects are real, too.

*I have lost 10 lbs, despite having eaten my fill at every meal. I am able to create diversity in my meals, snacks and drinks, and never feel deprived, which eliminates the yo-yo overeating that always accompanies a “diet”.

*I have been able to eat whole foods without having any friction between my husband and I, despite his lack of devotion to this ideal. He eats what he likes, and I eat what I like, with no more work at all. Often I make a meals which are comprised of things I will enjoy eating, but also things only he will eat (ie, white bread, mac and cheese from a box, and loads of potatoes). For example, a sample menu might include bbq’d steak, fresh broccoli, baked potatoes and a big salad. I will often top my salad with the meat from the meal, and eat the veg on the side.

*Saving money on so many foods and products has allowed me to spend more on things like excellent grass-fed beef, fair-trade organically grown coffee, and locally-sourced vegetables and seafood.

I am more excited about it, now, than when I started, which I could never say about any diet I have ever been on. This is a different life, and I derive so much satisfaction from it, I can foresee myself expanding this process as I learn to make new and more things!


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